Are Open Football Trials Worth It?

open football trials

Now there isn’t a black and white answer here. Whilst it’s great to put yourself in front of as many coaches and scouts as possible to try and get yourself known, you need to be wary of anyone that is guaranteeing you a placement just by simply attending the open trial day.

Dealing With Rejection

rejection football

There are numerous examples of football players being released from one or two clubs before they finally find a club, or coach that believes in them. Maybe it’s because you don’t fit into their style of play, maybe it’s because you haven’t fully developed yet or maybe it’s just because you need some more time on the training ground practicing. Whatever the reason for your rejection the important thing is how you respond to that rejection.

What do coaches look for in a Highlight Video

highlight video and coaches

There are so many do it your self programs out there, but if you choose do have one done professionally they can range from £300-1,000. If you can afford one. I think they are great investments.

How To Make a Highlight Video

football highlight video

Giving up a spot in the squad is a big ask, especially in leagues where they have restrictions in place for things like visa players. So, how can you show a coach you’re worth it…the answer is with a soccer highlight video, showcasing your skills.

What to eat before a trial? (and what to eat in general for Football)

football food

If you’re serious about progressing in the game, fuelling your body for training, playing and recovery, requires care and attention. An effective football diet plan should be highly personalised, taking into account everything from your age, gender and the level you play at, to the frequency of your training, the position you play, your work rate and even kick off times.

How to prepare for a football trial

football trial preparation

If you’re not already doing so we suggest training on certain aspects every single day to ensure your game is well rounded in all areas. No matter how good you think you are, there is always room for improvement.

Football trial

football trial

ball trial and talent days are becoming a lot more rare, as professional clubs tend to opt for a larger scouting network for talent identification.These scouts have great relationship with local grassroots coaches and schools so are able to build a database of players with potential.

Networking: Where do scouts look for players?

football scouts

If you really want to make it to the top of the game you need to be putting yourself in the shop window, so when coaches start thinking about recruiting you are first to spring to mind.

Create Your Football CV

football cv

A football CV is a good way for football clubs to find players they potentially want to have a look at.