Now there isn’t a black and white answer here. Whilst it’s great to put yourself in front of as many coaches and scouts as possible to try and get yourself known, you need to be wary of anyone that is guaranteeing you a placement just by simply attending the open trial day. 

Most Football trials would be based at a club, with the player going into the club to take part in training session or match situation. Open trials run by a company, although can work, they are not the best way.

As much as I’m sure most companies really do care about the players, as the more footballers they place at clubs the better it is for their business and reputation, you need to keep in mind that it is also their business. The more players they have attend their trial days the better it’s going to be for their bottom line.

Ultimately if you go there with your eyes open and with realistic expectations, it’s all comes down to how you perform on the day.

Any open trial you attend, you need to receive the match footage, as this can help you further down the line. 

WHAT NEXT…. So now you have greater understanding of Open Trails, now it’s time to improve your chances of getting scouting for a professional or semi professional team. Become a Player Database member for FREE and let us help you find opportunities to progress, enhance and develop your football career. 

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