How To Make a Highlight Video

Giving up a spot in the squad is a big ask, especially in leagues where they have restrictions in place for things like visa players. So, how can you show a coach you’re worth it…the answer is with a soccer highlight video, showcasing your skills.
football highlight video

In the previous article “What do coaches look for in a Highlight video”, we mentioned how important it was for you to make an impression on a coach and give them a reason to offer you a place in their squad. Very rarely will you do this just by bragging about how many goals you’ve scored, or what teams you’ve played for. Most coaches want to see the evidence.

So, how can you show a coach you’re worth it…the answer is; with a highlight video, showcasing your skills.

Whilst you want to throw in as many clips as possible it’s also important not to overdo it. Coach’s time is very precious, they don’t have hours to burn to watch a video of every single pass you’ve ever made. Pick your key moments.

Make sure you keep your highlight video short and concise, we find that around 4-5 minutes is the maximum. You want to make sure it’s obviously clear which player you are in the highlight reel and include a combination of different clips showing your performing (ideally across a range of 2 or 3 different games).

Try to keep all your best clips at the start of the video, leaving your 30-yard top corner goas as your last clip to finish on a bang is not ideal, as most coaches probably won’t actually make it to the end.

If you’re applying to a club from a country which speaks another language to your own then it’s also a great idea to give a quick 1-minute introduction, where you can show your ability to communicate in that language. Coaches like to know there isn’t going to be any difficulty getting their message across.

We advise all players who join The Player Database to upload at least one full or extended highlight video to their player profile too.

It’s easy for any player to look amazing when taking 2 or 3-second clips and mashing them all together, but with an extended highlight or full game video, coaches can get a real sense for your understanding and reading of the game. They can see how you react and respond to different situations.

If you’re unsure on how to go about making a highlight reel reach out to us and let us know, we are always more than happy to help; and watch this space for a video tutorial coming soon. 

Anna Parsec

Anna Parsec

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How To Make a Highlight Video

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