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Providing players with the opportunity to progress, enhance and develop their footballing careers.


Our aim is to assist players with the opportunity to progress, enhance and develop their footballing careers.

For players u16 and above


Search our free database to find your next key player.

Direct messaging available for players that fit your criteria.

Search by Location, Age, Position in order to scout and contact appropriate players who suit your requirements.


Our aim is to assist players with the opportunity to progress, enhance and develop their footballing careers.

We understand that opportunity is key and with a track record in management, coaching, scouting and playing, we have a deep understand, as well as the context of the reality of what both players and clubs require.

The Player Database will help create opportunities by matching players with clubs and visa versa. We want players to create, populate and regularly update their live profile, allowing clubs an improved chance to assess potential recruits.

As well as building a community of players that can network, share ideas and connect throughout the journey with likeminded people, we also offer opportunities to attend trial and showcase games.

As an aspiring football what scares you? Lack of opportunity? Falling out of the loop? Zero options? The Player Database will help solve your problem.


Regular showcase games organised by TPD offering members the chance to secure a spot in the starting 11 (after paying their one-time match fee).

Nationwide coverage will allow players to participate in as many games as they see fit.

Receive your full match footage 24-48 hours after your game for you to create your own match highlights and social media reels.

Positions are now available for sale in our latest Showcase game, which will now be played at xxxxxx on xxxx (ko xxxx)!

To secure your place pick a position from the HOME or AWAY team, click BUY, then select the BUY NOW option. POSITIONS SOLD OUT: Showcase games quickly sell out, however positions could become available again if we get any cancellations. If you’d like to be put on a reserve list then please e-mail us with your contact details. If you do not manage to secure a place, please look out for the next game in your local area and book quick!  In partnership with our venue partners we are committed to providing our participants with a truly special experience in as safe and suitable an environment as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind we ask all players and spectators to follow the venues COVID-19 Code of Conduct/rules.  At the time of the event we ask all players to:

  • Be punctual, as an aspiring player should be! Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the kick-off time. 
  • Wear the correct footwear. This can be found out through contacting the specific venue. 
  • Shin pads MUST be worn. 
  • Black or dark shorts and socks are to be warn by ALL players (both teams). Shirts/numbered bibs will be provided. 

BUY NOW: If a position is available to Buy Now. To Book a position using the Buy Now option:

  • select the available position you would like to purchase
  • double-check the position details and select the “BUY NOW” button
  • make your online payment through WorldPay and you’re now the owner of the position
  • We will periodically e-mail our players with information regarding their match, however we also advise you to visit our website regularly for the latest news and developments – that way you’ll be the first to know of any updates or changes to your event. 
  • Check out the FAQ’s section for more information about the Showcase Game. 
Showcase game pitch book a football match
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