What do coaches look for in a Highlight Video

There are so many do it your self programs out there, but if you choose do have one done professionally they can range from £300-1,000. If you can afford one. I think they are great investments.
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Coaches are looking for Highlight Videos that show what your all about, your attributes, style of play.. the best of you!

What makes a good Highlight Video

To kick things off, start the video highlights off strong with the best clips. Players have about 30 seconds to make an impression on a coach, so pick opening clips that will leave an impression. From there, make sure to add in other key skills that coaches want to see.

The goal is to get coaches hooked in the first 30 seconds so they continue watching the video to see the depth of the skillset. During the highlights video, Players can distinguish who they are in each play by using a simple arrow, a circle, a spotlight—something clean and simple to alert the coach who they should be watching.

Quality – everyone is using a phone or a pocket camera if you can swing it use better equipment or get help from someone (a company) that can do it for you. 

Length -a video should be about 3 to 4 minutes long.

Identify/ label-make sure a coach can identify you in the footage.

Minimal editing skills –  coaches are not really interested in fancy transitions or fancy overlays, so just make sure your cuts are fast simple and easy to watch.

Here are my other two top mistake to avoid when making your highlight video:

  1. Coaches mostly want to see you playing in game situations with pressure so using a lot of home footage/individual training sessions as highlight clips is a mistake. Show your best in-game stuff!!
  2. Don’t include clips of your mistakes in your video. Coaches understand that you are human, and mistakes certainly happen but why use them?
  4. Some coaches like it when a player adds a 5-10 second intro of them talking/introducing the video. This puts a face/personality to the player that the coach is recruiting. It’s a nice personal touch. 
  5. If your Videos should have music, just make sure it’s tasteful, not too loud or intrusive

Can you do it yourself? What is the price range? How much should you expect to spend on a video? 

There are so many do it your self programs out there, but if you choose do have one done professionally they can range from £300-1,000. If you can afford one they are great investments. 

Many players create their own video on their phone and they look great! If the player is techy enough, go for it.

However, many Players don’t have the time or ability to create an effective video and prefer to outsource it to a company. 

WHAT NEXT…. So now you have a better idea of what a highlight video should consist of and how to create a good impression.

If you want to improve your chances of getting scouting for a team and need help creating a Highlight video speak to our Player database staff. We can help you build footage, and can even help put together your highlight video. Simple attend one of our showcase matches to start building up your personnel showcase real. 

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What do coaches look for in a Highlight Video

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